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He is my Dad. The scariest man on earth. At least, that was what I thought until…

He is my Dad. The scariest man on earth. At least, that was what I thought until...

He is my Dad. The scariest man on earth. At least, that was what I thought until I was 25. He would wake me up at 5 am sharp for Fajr prayer, bathe in rush to get ready in 15 mins. By 5.30 he would leave home, with or without me, no bargain. He hates traffic and be late, it was 10 kms away from home to my school during 12 years study since elementary to tertiary. He would not let me missed any subject. Used to be a sailor and was raised in semi-military navy-like school, he taught me discipline, hardwork and integrity that probably was too much for little girl. If I got less than A, he would ask me to sit down and he would teach me until I was able to solve the math problem. Before bed, he brought me Atlas and all those colorful flags and asked me some trivia questions; which country has all the green flag and what was its capital city. I can’t count how many times I cried because of him being so tough and difficult.
But, I couldn’t find any better love and devotion than what he provides. Though no compromise in the morning, he was the one who boiled the hot water and prepared me an egg for breakfast. He brought me to Gramedia and let me pick the books I liked so that I could learn as much as I could through reading. He rewarded me with whatever I asked for when I got the #1 rank in school report, though I knew it was probably a very pricey stuff to have that time. Until today, he would buy my favorite fruits before I come home every weekend. He would peel off mango and rambutan so I could eat it easily. He never let me drive when he is around and always offer to pick me up whenever I don’t bring car though Go-Car seems more reasonable. He would ask me if I still have spare money to buy high end lipstick 😄 My feminist Dad has shown than man and woman have the same rights in family. —-
He will still be my old-fashioned and a non-negotiable Dad. He often expressed how proud he is to have an independent daughter like me, yet he realizes too that the fact I will still be the rebel kid among his two children, stubborn and will keep argue him a lot. On top of that, I just want him to know that to me he is still the best father in the world. —-



  1. Aaahhh this made me teary!! This kind of Gentleman 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love the dicipline part! You are what you are now, this pretty & smart was because of his (together with ur mom for sure) investment then! Sehat2 selalu om & tante!! Terima training pendisiplinan buat anak2 (laki2) saya kah Om?? Hahahahaha 😅

  2. @fabiollakatsuyuki hahahaha, iya karena menjunjung kesetaraan gender, on the other hand, dia anggep aku anak laki kali ya, hahaha, cocok emang punya anak laki cuma dikasihnya cewek semua 😄😄 Makasih Olla, mudah2an papamu juga sehat2 selalu dan bisa jadi tempat pelarian ketika kepingin krimbat atau blow permanen ya sis 😍😍😍

  3. Pantesan kamu pjnter banget ya dl waktu smp.. now i know.. oooomm.. maaf yaaa.. anaknya suka ku contekin wkt sekolah.. 🙈

  4. Awwww this is beyond sweet, tan 💕💕

  5. @meilylubis hahahaha i bet dia prefer anaknya dicontekin daripada nyontek Mel 😄 what an old times

  6. @cmaharanii I am sweet? thanks ran 😂

  7. We love your dad. We love you all.

  8. @pretty_boy_howard we laf you too!

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