Let go today of all that which does not serve you. Let go of all that brings you down and limits you. Let go of all those thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles that cause you stress, depression, anger, sickness and stagnancy.

Whether it is a job, pastime, cultural habit, religious beliefs, ideals of societal norms, the company you keep, the diet and drink you consume etc.

What we consume and absorb has a deep effect on us in all ways so really put your foot down and make those brave choices to decide who and what you want to give permission to come and be in your personal space.

At times we may not be able to avoid or ignore and in those cases have your own personal safety first drill in place whatever it may be.

Do not be scared of disowning, rejecting, letting go of, reassessing, rethinking and walking away from that which will effect you in so many ways and you and your inner knowing will sense this immediately.

We are coming into times of using our intuition more and more; do not ignore it and respond accordingly. All the answers are there.

Happy New Year in advance. May 2019 be a year of great change and transformation for you to awaken to your sovereign self. This is nothing to do with ego but to do with your birthright beyond anything you have been given by tbe society within which you have been born and grown up in.

Let go of those robes of conditioning that have brought you down with their shackles, with compassion and kindness and wear those garments that are light, that bring in and welcome all that raises, uplifts and brings you to your purpose and success in all ways, realms and facets in prosperity, abundance, joy and good health.

Mindfully set those intentions.

You deserve it.

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