Terry Simmons and I had a nice and quiet and relaxing Father’s Day of 2018. He started with repairing the bearings on the van a little bit this afternoon and I we to Little Ceasar’s Pizza to get our Father’s Day dinner. It’s been the third holiday this year we got Little Ceasar’s for our holiday dinner. We got Little Ceasar’s Pizza for Easter, Mother’s Day and now for Father’s Day. It’s just because I’m getting tired of all of these little smaller holidays popping up that we have to celebrate before the really big holidays come at the end of the year. I really liked this camo dress that was displayed in the window next to Little Ceasar’s and the big ad in the pizza place too. I got Terry a couple of gifts so he could open today because since I bought him the laptop computer from the uu church rummage early he needed some actual Father’s Day gifts for too. #happyfathersday2018 #fathersdaygifts
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